Women’s Ministry

Women Restoring Integrity Beauty and Strength (WRIBS), is committed to equip women with the necessary knowledge, skills and ability to walk in authority. The pet project of our First Lady Pastor Shelly Ann Bonadie, our aim is to encourage women to maintain their role in God’s plan as they establish his order by building and supporting in their roles as wives, mothers, homemakers and career/professional women.

The scriptural foundation for WRIBS came from Genesis 2:  8-25 which speaks of God talking a rib from man to make woman, Proverbs 31: 10-31 describes the woman as being clothed in wisdom and in her mouth is faithful instruction.  Finally 1st Peter 3: 1-6 talks about the unfading beauty of a gently and a quiet spirit being her inner self.

The women of WRIBS will aspire to possess the accolades of the God kind of woman – a virtuous woman!