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Cedra Lewis Baird has been a member of Kingdom Life Ministries for the past eight years. She is from Charlotteville Tobago, and was a member of the Methodist Church until her entry into this ministry. She grew up under strong parenting and comes from a large extended family. Sis Baird recognized the call on her life in 1988. Since then, she has served in various capacities of leadership in the Methodist church. Among them are Sunday School Teacher & Superintendent, Youth Leader and Accredited Ordained Local Preacher in the Tobago Circuit. Later, she served as The Young Adults Coordinator of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas. She faced many doctrinal challenges in her walk with The Lord, but stood her ground, knowing the certainty of her call, and that salvation is only obtained through the blood of Jesus.

Sis Baird migrated to The United States of America in 1994 with a determination to further her education and to seek deeply after the things of God.

As an educator by profession, she holds a diploma in Education, a Bachelors of Arts in Education, A Masters of Science in Education, A Masters of Science in Educational Administration & Supervision, and is presently completing her Doctorate in Theology which is to be conferred upon her in the next few weeks.

Over the past with eight years, Sis Baird has been serving in this ministry with great humility , commitment and loyalty. Presently, she serves as a teaching facilitator in the Department of Church Growth discipleship, Editor of KLMI TV and on the Administrative Team. Her talents, financial substance,and skills are given with no reservations, and in obedience, to honor God. Her demonstration of love for the people of God, respect for her pastors and the leadership of this house are honorably received.

Today marks the fulfillment of a prophetic Word she received from Dr Peter Bonadie, back in 2009 at a prophetic presbytery. Sitting under his esteemed leadership, her growth and development in Word is evident, her prayer life has catapulted to the another level, and a positive paradigm shift has engaged her life holistically.

Sis Baird is married to Prince Baird. They have parented four children, Donna May, Dyke, Keinoand Keidra who are all serving in this ministry. Her family is blessed and many commendable changes have taken place in their lives since choosing Kingdom Like Ministries as their home church.

Sis Baird will continue to serve to uplift that which concerns the Kingdom : and bring glory and honor to God.